Are you looking for a career change? Or are you about to leave school and want to find a job to get you started? Traffic controlling is a great way to enter the workforce or as a change of pace from what you are currently doing. There are many benefits to traffic control including good wages, ability to work outdoors and being able to move around to different locations. Rather than being stuck on the one jobsite, you have the opportunity to work all around the place. You may even have the option to work away from home. When it comes to doing a traffic control course, there are some requirements that need to be met. Read on to find out who can do a traffic control course. What is traffic control? Have you ever been stopped at roadworks by a worker with a stop/slow sign or a bat? These workers have completed their traffic control course in order to be able to control traffic. It is a great addition to your career and is a position that is always needed. There are always construction sites or roadworks that require traffic to be stopped or slowed. It is a position that is guaranteed work. What requirements are there to do my traffic control course? Doing your traffic control course is rather simple and easy. There are a few requirements that are in place for those who want to complete it. You need to be at least 17 years of age in order to complete the course. This makes it ideal for those who are leaving school and looking to enter the workforce. In order to enrol and complete your traffic control course, you must also have your white card. The white card is needed to show that you are able to work safely within a construction site type environment. Once you have enrolled to complete the course, you also need to be able to show 100 points of ID. This is to help verify who you are. Photo identification is required, which can be either your drivers licence or a copy of your white card. Due to the nature of the job, anyone wishing to complete the course and begin working with traffic also needs to be both mentally and physically fit. Working within the traffic sector involves a lot of standing and being outside. These can take their toll on the body, so it is important that you are able to handle the conditions.
Traffic Control Course
What is involved in the course? The course is an 8 hour course that is ran in our training room for the theory based part. You will also need to complete 20 hours of vocational placement, which we can help you organise. As a part of the course, you will be provided with a ‘ready reckoner’. It provides traffic controllers with a practical guide of the day-to-day operations and other requirements that must be adhered to while performing traffic control duties. After the theory part of the course is completed, we will provide the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for the 20-hour vocational placement:
    • Yellow hardhat
    • Safety sunglasses
    • Regulated long sleeve traffic control fluoro shirt
Participants are required to purchase the following additional PPE for their placement:
    • Lace up safety boots
    • Work pants (with the mandatory fluoro stripes above and below the knee)
    • Uniden 5-watt UH850 S titanium radios (or similar- they must be 5 watts though)
    • A Stop/ Slow Bat
What happens once I have completed the course? Upon completion of the traffic control course, you can then apply to Queensland Transport for your traffic control license. Your licence will be valid for 3 years, before needing to complete a renewal course. A Criminal History Check is conducted by Queensland Transport with the licence application. Once you have received your licence, you are able to then apply for positions within the traffic sector. If you think that a traffic control course is the course for you, get in touch with the team here at Global Training Services. We can help you to get ready for the course, book you in on the next available date and help you get your training completed.