The Overview and Importance of Traffic Controller Course

If you consider a career in road works, traffic management, health and safety works, a traffic control course can make a difference.

It can take your career prospects to the next level. The journey may be tough, but effective training can make you a more attractive candidate.

In other words, you can become a traffic controller with a good traffic controller course and license.

The course is created to teach you as a participant ways to maintain a secure work site when operating near roads and places that involve pedestrians or motorists. 

Accredited and reliable training courses provide the required knowledge and skills to implement traffic plans and accelerate career growth. Such knowledge and skills may involve using stop and slow bats, and appropriate signage to direct cars at the worksite. 

The traffic controller course intends to provide workers in the infrastructure and resource industries with the skills required to use a stop and slow bat.

Meanwhile, the course is much more than only using a bat to control vehicles. You’d equally learn how to implement or execute traffic plans designed by supervisors while adjusting the plan according to weather and road conditions.

It’s important to have and complete the traffic controller course, especially if you’re working in road management or civil construction.

Qualifications you Need to Become a Traffic Controller

  • To be an effective traffic controller, you’d need to complete the traffic control course and get a traffic controller accreditation. 
  • The courses have prerequisites, and you’d provide a valid driver’s license and white card (construction induction card).
  • To get a traffic controller license, you need to submit and get approval for temporary traffic control plans, especially if your work affects motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

These industries are very likely to need licensing for traffic control activity:

  • Gas industry
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Rail and Distribution sector
  • Land management and Agriculture
  • Plumbing and Construction

Your sector will determine your course assessment requirements. In particular, people in metalliferous mining need assessors with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 

Other sectors or industries might just need assessors with 1-year experience.

How to Become a Traffic Controller

  • Enroll and Complete your course

To become a traffic controller, enroll in a good training or course and ensure you finish it to get a statement of attainment.

Browse and research a good traffic controller course around you. And ensure the course, training, or the website offering the training is well-accredited by the appropriate authorities.

  • Apply for Accreditation

After completing the course, go with your statement of attainment to any nearby State Roads Authority to apply for your accreditation.

This is done to get a traffic controller license. The accreditation would be valid for 3 years in some cities and countries. 

For some cities, you may need to complete a refresher programme before your accreditation will expire.

What’s the cost of a Traffic Controller Course?

How to Become a Traffic Controller

There’s no specific or general fee for traffic controller courses and training. 

In Australia, it mostly depends on the nature of training you want, the duration, your city, and the experience level of the course instructors.

Meanwhile, click here to see the cost of a credible traffic controller course in Australia.

Traffic Controller Course Outcomes

Most traffic controller course offers the following topics:

  • Work instructions interpretation
  • Examining and implementing some traffic plans
  • Chosen appropriate equipment and tools
  • Identifying and knowing signage and devices
  • Positioning barriers and signs
  • Utilizing a stop and slow bat to control car flow
  • Controlling car and pedestrian flows
  • Checking or monitoring traffic while adjusting for some conditions
  • Utilizing hand signals to control motorists
  • Utilizing some communication devices
  • Removing devices and signs, and
  • Worksite cleanup

To have a successful traffic controller training, you have to firstly interpret and implement work instructions plus traffic plans. 

The course supervisors will develop the plans before starting the training.

At the assessment, you’d have to demonstrate the ability to position barriers and signs, know the use of the stop and slow bat, and hand signals to control pedestrian and vehicle flows. 

Course instructors will simulate settings to help you finish the assessment.

The vital part of the assessment concentrates on the knowledge of different requirements. Ensure to understand every crucial safety legislation and ways to identify diverse traffic barricades and control signs.

This website comes with diverse learning outcomes. It teaches traffic management planning. Its other core topics involve the steps required to develop, implement, and monitor traffic plans.

Note- A traffic controller course isn’t a requirement for all construction work and workers.

A traffic controller course is mainly designed for people in road works. The idea is to learn how to execute traffic control plans and control car flows to keep a secure work environment.

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Online Websites for Traffic Controller Course and Training

To become a good or successful traffic controller, join a good training or course online.

Some credible online websites and classes offer traffic controller courses and training.

Browse and research for good traffic controller training in your locality. And make sure that the website is well-accredited by the appropriate authorities.

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It strives to provide exceptional training for clients serious about successfully conducting their work safely and efficiently while meeting legislative requirements.  

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