As part of our traffic control course at Global Training Services Pty Ltd, we prepare traffic controllers for road safety to be a priority. Poor road safety can have a devastating effect on the community and risk lives. When engaging in projects, traffic control training is a must for traffic controllers to prepare strategic plans for road safety. Studying a traffic control course will enable you to understand the importance of road safety and adhere to safety protocols. Statistically speaking, individuals on the roads are at far more risk of accidents and projects that affect traffic need to carefully take into consideration the road safety and the safety of everyone on the road. Having an appreciation for what construction projects might do with impacting upon road safety is important and engaging with our traffic control course means you can gain insight, knowledge and expertise. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep road safety at the forefront of the mind when managing a project such as building a structure or other construction project. It is important to have the right type of signage and adequate signage to direct traffic around the project site. Also, disrupted traffic flow can create road rage in drivers as they get frustrated with the conditions or people may engage in tailgating. With accurate traffic control training, engaging in a traffic control course means you can gain the knowhow on how to ensure traffic flows well and avoid the build-up of traffic in the area.

Traffic Control Course Renewal

Same as there is a traffic control course to study for traffic management, there is a process for renewal of traffic control training. Once you have completed a traffic control course and possess your traffic control licence, you can begin on projects related to traffic management principles and practices. The aim of the traffic control course is to guide you on traffic management such as being a Traffic Engineer or traffic controller and you may need to renew your traffic control training. In order to renew your traffic control training, you need to attend an eight hour traffic control course plus complete two eLearning modules. You will need to provide evidence of currency in the industry, provide two third party reports which are completed and signed by a qualified supervisor and provide evidence of a Traffic Guidance Scheme used in your traffic management plans. Furthermore, you need to provide evidence of participation in a toolbox talk and meetings that cover Workplace, Health and Safety (WH&S) regulations and practices, a SWMS Risk Management Plan, a current Queensland Traffic Management Implementation card and statement of attainment. If you are going for management roles, a lot more is required for renewal and studying a traffic control course with up to date information and knowledge is the best way to gain expertise.

The Skills in Traffic Control Training

The skills involved in a traffic control course equip you with the ability to become a traffic controller and engage in traffic management practices. Adhering to best practice standards is important and active listening skills are integral to participating in traffic control training and engaging in traffic management for projects such as construction projects. Whether it is infrastructure, roads or community spaces, residential, commercial or industrial projects, there are permits required and traffic management plans need to be developed. Equipping you with the skills to achieve this is our traffic control course and we prepare you for road safety, traffic management planning and the methods to drive traffic flow. Strong problem-solving skills are necessary to develop traffic management plans and other skills like conceptual thinking are a must too. Preparing the project with traffic management plans is integral as diversions and signalling can have a major impact upon traffic flow. The local Council will require an efficient and effective traffic management plan before the project gets underway. That is where you come in with your traffic control licence and having studied a traffic control course. Traffic management or traffic controllers need to be experienced in assessing road conditions and determining suitable resolutions to traffic flow to minimise the impact. To study a traffic control course, see Global Training Services Pty Ltd as we know the value of traffic control training in contemporary industries.