Day in and day out, accident occurrences seem to be on the increase. Who is to blame? The government, motorists, traffic controllers, or even nature? This is not to stir up a debate but to channel your thoughts and perspective to the possible solutions that can help avert accidents.

Yes, we know accidents are sometimes inevitable, yet they can be avoided to a great extent.

It would interest you to know that roads that have well-trained road traffic controllers will have fewer accident occurrences. That is, traffic controllers who have completed the traffic control course and are properly licensed will perform optimally, reducing road accidents significantly. However, there are numerous cases where road traffic controllers may not be able to influence the conditions that lead to road accidents.

In this article, we would elaborate on the most common causes of road traffic accidents that in turn lead to accident compensation claims being made. Then you’ll find out how a well-trained road traffic controller can help this situation.

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Common Causes Of Road Traffic Accidents


Many of the road traffic accidents that occur today are due to the intoxication of drivers. Some of them drive while high on drugs or drunk with alcohol. Essentially, this means these drivers are not in their right senses when driving, and accidents are thus inevitable.

Climatic Conditions

Bad weather conditions are one of the major causes of road accidents. Poor weather can lead to bad visibility for drivers. It can also make some roads not pliable. The combination of bad weather and poor traction on road surfaces means vehicles collide with each other or with walls. Other factors that accompany weather conditions, such as flashes, flooding, and black ice, all contribute significantly to the occurrence of accidents. That’s because they happen suddenly without pre-information or forecasting.

Wrong Driving

Again errors on the part of drivers are one of the leading causes of accidents. Earlier, we highlighted drunkenness, but not all drivers drink and drive. The result of reckless driving is almost similar to the effect of being drunk while on the wheel. It is just that this time it is a deliberate act to disobey traffic rules and road codes. In addition, conditions like drivers sleeping on the wheel, overtaking without caution, etc., can also predispose them to inevitable road traffic accidents. Not that road accidents are totally inevitable, but if careless mistakes are made, the result is not far-fetched.


Distractions come in various ways and it cannot be overemphasised that drivers need to stay focused while driving. This distraction can come from something outside or inside the car. The end result is often accidents. Interestingly, many accidents due to distractions are induced by distractions from another accident on the road.

Activities like changing CDs, interacting with mobile phones while driving, and checking out your face in the mirror while on the wheel can all lead to accidents. In general, anything that makes you take your eyes off the wheel/road can lead to serious road accidents.

Road Layout

It would interest you to know that certain road accidents are not due to the vehicle or the driver, but the road design. Poor road design and a bad traffic control system will ultimately lead to an array of road accidents, which, if not controlled, can be disastrous. Poor road design could be in the form of traffic signs placed in the wrong place, blocking the view of drivers from incoming traffic.

For such accidents, the government will be held liable.

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Vehicular Inadequacies

Defects in vehicles also lead to road accidents. Such defects could be brake failure, drained battery, expired tires leading to tire bursting etc. Apart from these vehicle defects leading to accidents, they can also cause severe damage when an accident is caused by something else. For instance, a car without deployable airbags will endanger the passengers with severe injuries in the case of an accident. A car with brake failure will find it difficult to come to a halt to avoid oncoming danger. Vehicle defects are sometimes due to negligence, while they may also be due to ignorance.

If care is not taken, more accidents will emanate from the scene where the first occurred. That’s where the input of a traffic controller is needed. Traffic controllers are well-trained professionals with the skills and passion to bring safety and order amid road traffic chaos.

Many road traffic accidents can be prevented if road traffic controllers are strategically stationed to help guide drivers and passersby to safety. That’s the core of their duties: to help you walk in safety.

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Becoming A Road Traffic Controller

The journey to becoming a road traffic controller isn’t difficult today. It starts with your decision to make an impact and reasonable contributions to your community. Then you meet some requirements and apply for the course. After taking a traffic control course, you’ll get the license and become fit to deploy your services as a traffic controller.

This traffic control course delivers you the skills and requisite knowledge that you need to implement a traffic guidance scheme for roadworks. You’ll also be trained on how to ensure the maintenance of proper traffic flow. Not to forget that you’ll be taught how to maximise the safety of road construction/transport workers and the general public to prevent accidents.

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