A traffic controller’s job may seem simple and easy to laypeople. But the reality is a bit different.

A traffic controller has to deal with traffic management situations that require critical decision-making and alertness. In addition to just managing traffic, a traffic controller has to deal proficiently with unforeseen situations.

To become a traffic controller you have to enroll in professional training programs to learn traffic management skills.

Read further to know why you need to take a traffic control course.

Increased Chances of Landing the Job

Our traffic control course contents are in accordance with the relevant state guidelines and requirements. The course spans 8 hours of theory and 20 hours of on-site training.

The course will equip you with the skills to direct traffic safely, collaborate with other workers and implement traffic management plans.

Learning these skills will give you an upper hand over the competition when applying for a job.

Further, you will also get a certificate for completion of nationally recognized units of competency. This accreditation is also necessary for securing a job.

Additionally, you will also get a traffic control license after completing the course.

Improved Traffic Management Knowledge Means Safer Roads

Due to increased construction and maintenance projects, the demand for traffic controllers has increased in Australia.

These projects disrupt the regular traffic, which gives rise to traffic jams and, even worse, accidents. This highlights the need for trained traffic controllers to prevent mishaps and ensure safety on roads.

A skilled traffic controller knows how to keep the traffic flow smooth. Furthermore, traffic control professionals can also prevent lethal car crashes and injuries.

Our traffic control course content also includes team collaboration since communication is essential for managing traffic jams effectively.

A Source of Steady Income

Taking the right traffic control course increases the chances of landing a job significantly. And once you do land a job, you’ll be well paid thanks to demand.

To give you an idea, the hourly wage of a traffic controller ranges from $28 to $30, which is about $65,000 annually.

The job is fun as you will get to witness all sorts of occurrences on the roads. Working in a practical workplace with people from all walks of life will also provide you with tons of helpful experience.

Here at Global Training Services, we offer traffic control courses to help you secure the career you want. Our traffic control course will not only help you get your traffic control license. But it will also help you grow as a traffic controller.

Enroll in our course to learn from some of the best professionals at GTS.